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Ever since the Dotcom bubble in the 90’s, companies have consistently found ways to leverage digital technology to grow their business. According to a September 2019 Forbes article, Digital transformation not only increases revenue, but it also increases productivity in about 76% of employees. If you own a business – which I believe you do – you understand how increased employee productivity translates to growth in your business.

COVID19 Pandemic

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic poises a challenge of finding innovative ways to connect to every business’ audience. It’s suddenly not enough to go digital, it’s now become more important – than ever- to go digital the right way. It’s true that everyone is on the internet but the businesses that win are those who craft the best product and experiences for their audiences. For example, a simple website re-brand helped an e-commerce brand increase revenue by 100% and Disney+, the movie streaming of Disney, recorded 50 million paid users in their first month just by ensuring they built an unrivaled experience for their customers.

At Aspire Crux-Tech we offer great services that help in boosting your business.


We implore as good citizens to follow all necessary precautions as laid down by Health Practitioners:

– Wash hands regularly with soap, 
– Sanitize regularly,
– Observe social distancing, and 
– Avoid touching your face as much as possible
 to stay safe and healthy, because if you survive we survive.
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