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Frequently asked questions?

No! Aspire Crux-Tech Solutions will work to redesign your existing website or design an interactive website for your company from scratch.

Every company has different wants and needs from their web design, which means every website will have a different timeline.

Technical SEO refers to improving technical elements in an effort to improve search engine rankings. This includes server connection, responsive design, fast site speed, security, redirects, and site architecture. Focusing on these on-page elements will help improve how well search engines can crawl your website to index content.

The key to social media is posting content that will resonate with the audience. For B2B companies, the target audience is obviously businesses, but you should tailor your content to fit a wider audience.

An image map is commonly used on websites for navigation. The image would feature clickable areas that linked to a different destination. These maps are mainly used when the information is easier to convey using visually over textual content.